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A wonderful space to practice, unwind and stay well in the heart of Hampton Hill.

We are currently open for classes. In studio and online.

Closed from Tuesday 9th August 2022 – Friday 19th Aug 2022

We are still running the Pregnancy Thursday 11th August and Post Natal classes Friday 12th August.

We have a reduced timetable during this time.

Reduced Timetable

Online classes available

Please book via email:

TW12, Hampton, Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Fitness, retreat. yoga classes


TW12, Hampton, Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Fitness, retreat. yoga classes

Class Description

We offer, warm and hot classes via our infrared heated system. See our timetable for classes.


An introduction to the foundation poses and principals of yoga, aimed at beginners for a slower paced class.

Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Power Hour

A fluid and graceful style of yoga, it fuses movement and breath to create a flowing, centred practice, where each pose moves seamlessly into the next, power hour is a more dynamic, challenging flow.

Restorative Yoga, Yin and Candlelit Yin

Yin is a static style of yoga, poses are held for longer to enable the connective tissue to be lengthened and strengthened. Allows the innermost parts of the mind to be accessed and encourages free flow of energy through the body.

Yoga Therapy

A wind down class to reconnect and recharge. You will be guided to slow down, centre and soothe your nervous system. We’ll stay close to the ground with gentle fascia-releasing movements, sensing, feeling and discovering our wonder-filled universe.

Soul Revitaliser

Calming yoga flows, releasing tension, using postures and meditation to leave any stress on the mat. Bringing calmness and openness. Suitable for all levels.

Awakening Asana and Wake Up Flow

Awakening the soul, like the morning coffee. An energising robust practice to make you feel good, creating harmony between mind and body. Setting you up for the day ahead.

Spiritual Warrior and Jivamukti

Jivamukti open class welcomes all levels, working at your own pace the teacher’s verbal guidance is provided for all. Spiritual Warrior is a brisk, guided led Vinyasa class for progression.

Yoga Core

What it says on the tin, yoga strengthening the core with adaptable exercises for all, helps to build strength in your practice.

Saturday Sanctuary - Starting soon.

A healing session of breath work and active relaxation to slow down the mind and connect to the body. A Gentle restorative session open to all levels, where we use the power of breath, sound and essential oils to ground and soothe.


Our current prices  –  see our price packs
Please note they have a time limit


Our current prices  –  see our price packs
Please note they have a time limit

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